Hey boys and girls! Remember 2008?

Loyal reader Man of Misery sends this recap of 2008 from Uncle Jay. I had an Uncle Jay. But he was an orthodontist. Not like this Uncle Jay.

Happy New Year boys and girls:


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That was pretty good, especially enjoyed the halo over Obama's head. I fear far too many people believe that's what he is, the one, the savior. NOT! Anyway ....

Happy New Year to all the commenter's at EM and an especially heart-felt one for you Revere/revere.

For Obama to cure America's ills, he will have to done the Superman garb.

Is there anyone out there in public life who could do better?

Me thinks Obama is destined for partial failure, because the job ahead is a BIG one, but let's hope that he can at least get America back on track for all of our sakes.