Afghanistan: red poppies and green fields

Poppies grow in France, too. In fields that are now green but were once red with blood. And no one seems to know why. Two million died in vain. The Fureys and another moving Eric Bogle song:

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Great song, revere! Eric Bogle wrote a whole raft of good ones.

If you haven't heard it, you must listen to Garnet Rogers' song, "Beyond This Wall," about the war in Afghanistan.

Corax: Haven't heard it. Will start looking for it now. Hope it's on YouTube so I can use it here. But either way, thanks.

Everybody knows that the real reason US troops are in Afghanistan, is to keep the opium fields in full production. Until we remove all our troops from the middle-east, and do something to solve our problems at home, our reputation in every country is ruined. If I could afford to go anywhere after the damage the neoconservative war/profit-mongers have done to our economy, I would definitely say I was from Canada. I invite you to my pages devoted to raising awareness on these important issues: