I'm covering the Olympics, too

When I heard ace flu reporter Helen Branswell was covering the Olympics, I said to myself, "Hey, if she can do it, so can I!" So I'm covering the Olympics:


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Ali G is always funny. Too bad SBC stopped performing as Ali G, Borat and since last summer, Bruno -- too many people knew who he was, no more element of surprise.

Btw Revere, check on democracynow.org the protests at the Olympics. The Olympics are not just a nice competition. The Olympics committee basically forced out many natives from their property to make way for their stadiums. The entire thing is also very bad for the environment, it pollutes air, soil and water. Many people in the area are paying the price for the world being able to watch a sports event. Also, the Olympics committee tried to whitewash this by having a few natives in traditional costumes parade in the stadium during the opening ceremony -- you know, to give the impression that they care and prevent massive protests against the event. Reckless actions like this are not new for the Olympics committee, they do this every two years, wherever the Olympics are held.