Freethinker Sunday Sermonette: worse than norovirus?

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I am glad that belief is a choice and not mandatory like healthcare. One mans religion is another mans skepticism.

I also find it interesting that the people involved in the civil rights movement were mostly religious types, and they werent doing hourly money grabbing telethons either. Even Malcom X finally got the message that Islam was not a faith of fear, or fundamental terrorism. He, like King and Evers paid with his life.

Most religions recognize Jesus as either the son of God as stated, or as a prophet and for nearly all of our recorded history and that of nearly all cultures there was a "God".

I dont check my faith at the door before or after I enter my foxhole. Never did, never will. I am pragmatic about what the events were during the times of Christ and leading up to that. They were extraordinary times and lead to the fall of Rome.

Believe what you want is what I always say. But I dont poke fun at God because even though its funny, its based on a lack of faith rather than having it. Its a raising of one self to his level. If we arent his children then okay, prove it. If we are then we have to wait for that proof-Conundrum. Do you get faith the day he shows or do you have it the day before?-Conundrum. Or do you sit and wait and wait and wait and then assume its all bullshit?-Conundrum.

He said there would be those that doubted, denied and then of course he said they would be judged as we all would because he gave you the choice. The Jews also said that at the time of his coming that we would be doubting. Okay, if you believe all or part of this that the situation leading up to his coming First or Last would be grim. If nothing else, you would at least have your faith to lean on. Thats not the case with those that dont believe. Every one of the Founding Fathers believed or said they did and that included a Jew or two. It was up to them. Its up to you.

Is it right to poke fun at these misguided prophets of God? I dont know, but even a looney can see that its about the money with those types that cater to the weaker of minds. So that skews the message as well. We were told that there would come among you many false prophets. No shit.

Happy Easter everyone.... If nothing else you get a government mandated holiday from it.

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