Back from New Zealand


I made it back from New Zealand yesterday after spending the last two weeks looking at some of the most remarkable volcanic landscapes you could imagine. I'll add more detail soon for those of you interested in the volcanism of the North Island, but I'll leave you with a picture of yours truly in from of Ngauruhoe (a.k.a Mt. Doom) along the Tongariro Crossing. The volcano last erupted in 1977 and it considering the youngest vent of Tongariro. Ngauruhoe has had >60 eruptions over the last 150 years.

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I am eager to learn about the volcano and any other geological knowledge you might have gained on your trip.
Welcome back!

By Thomas Donlon (not verified) on 17 Jan 2009 #permalink

That picture hurts me so bad!!!
It reminds me of my New Zealand trip in 2006, from Italy... i totally fell in love with NZ.
And i really loved the Tongariro Crossing (although i didn't complete the whole crossing, stopping at Ngauruhoe's feet).

Thanks for your blog, Erik!


I'd love to hear your take on Chaiten after researching Tarawera and other TVZ volcanos.

Glad you liked the place.