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Things were relatively quiet, volcanically speaking, over the weekend and that reminded me, it is just about time to vote on the next in my Volcano Profile series. We've had two volcanoes featured so far: Rabaul in Papua New Guinea and Hood in Oregon. Take a look at the list below and vote for the next in the series!

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Now that we've had three Volcano Profiles: Rabaul, Hood and Vesuvius, now it is time to vote on the next volcano. Take your pick and leave comments! What volcano should be featured as the next "Volcano Profile"?(polling)

I vote for Sakurajima - my favorite volcano. The most spectacular eruptions I've ever seen were courtesy of Sak.

Is there a write-in option?

PS When I was at Reventador two years ago I could hear it erupting but the weather was so bad (as it usually is) I couldn't see a thing. It sits in the Amazon basin and sucks up all the moisture so it is rarely visible. Neat area though.

While I'd like at some point to see a profile for Reventador, it's location means that the principal hazard will likely be economic (the Amazon-Ecuador oil pipeline) rather than to life and limb. So I've gone for Vesuvius, because of the serious hazard it presents, and because it seems to have packed a lot of variety into a fairly short life by volcano standards

A wonderful selection of options Erik!

I went with Vesuvius too because of the cited danger.

However, I also feel that the other options would also be great!. I keep hearing about Ruapehu - but I don't know anything about it.

Piton I think is an unstable volcano - and some fear that it cause a tsunami. Fuji is just one of the most picturesque volcanoes in the world - I'd like to learn about that one too.

El Reventador - I don't know anything about it - that also would be a good choice.

By Thomas Donlon (not verified) on 11 May 2009 #permalink

Some good options i voted for Ruapehu but how about Soufriere Hills?

Montserrat would be a good choice, also Mont Pelee if the focus is on impacts on humans living nearby. Reventador is fairly remote from human settlements.

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