Mystery Volcano Photo #19

It has been a while since I've posted a Mystery Volcano Photo, but here is a new one. Just a refresher on the current standings:

The Bobs - 3
Don Crain - 3
gijs - 2
Boris Behncke - 2
volcanista - 1
Lockwood - 1
Elizabeth - 1
Ralph - 1
Anne - 1
Cam - 1
gg - 1
Damon Hynes - 1
Marco - 1
Doug C. - 1
Diane - 1

So, here is the new one ... take your best guess (but I'm sure someone will get it much faster than I would imagine) ... Good luck!

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It looks extraterrestrial to me. Olympus Mons on Mars?

By Mattias Larsson (not verified) on 17 Mar 2010 #permalink

Emi Koussi Volcano, Chad :)

I thought Olympus Mons too, can I say that as well?

Mattias Larsson and RachelM were not far off the mark when guessing Olympus Mons:
â Emi Koussi has been used as a close analog to the famous Martian volcano Elysium Mons [which is quite similar to Olympus Mons, my comment].â However, E. K. is 3,415 m high, while Elysium Mons is 13,862 m and Olympus Mons is 21,171 m. .

E. K. is a *pyroclastic shield volcano*, here is a link

By Birger Johansson (not verified) on 17 Mar 2010 #permalink

Yup. It is Emi Koussi.

By Don Crain (not verified) on 17 Mar 2010 #permalink

@Boris, just in case you check in here again, what do you think of what is going on with Eyaf? I am sure you have been at least checking in on the thread under Erik's post. If you have the time, give us a yell over there and send your opinion. WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU! :-)

So it is a martian volcano? That is kinda what thought too.

By Chance Metz (not verified) on 17 Mar 2010 #permalink

Calling Chad 'Mars' might upset some of the Chadians ;-) . If I'm correct both Erik and Dr. Ralph Harrington (Volcanism Blog) had to deal with angry Eritreans after they posted a picture of a cloud of SO2 that was hanging over East Africa in which the border between Eritrea and Ethiopia wasn't visible XD .

By Gijs de Reijke (not verified) on 17 Mar 2010 #permalink

@10: "So it is a martian volcano? That is kinda what thought too."
The terrain around Emi Koussi is certainly desolate enough to pass for Martian...
Then again, if there was more rainfall, the features would have been more eroded and less distinctive. Interesting to see a volcano in a diametrically opposite setting to the Icelandic ones.

By Birger Johansson (not verified) on 17 Mar 2010 #permalink

Oops, spaceshuttle. I'll miss them when they retire.

@Diane ... I definitely will say a word in the Eyja thread in a moment, though I don't really know what to say :-) It's a volcano that is poorly known, has a relatively dilute eruption history, and its last eruption dates nearly 200 years back. So, really not much to build on for comparison. It looks like a pretty much closed system, differently from those volcanoes, as GrÃmsvötn, which erupt frequently and seem to be more open. From the seismic activtiy that we see there in these past few weeks, it definitely looks to me like there's a significant magma movement going on. I don't think external processes like glacier movement or whatever else are important here, also because there's strong deformation of the volcano (the Nordvulk web site has an impressive diagram at
Well, I will be back in a short time in the Eyja thread, stay tuned.

Thanks Boris. Iappreciate your input even if you don't think there is much you can say about it. You certainly know more than I do!!!!

I tried the link and I got the box that said the site was not found so I don't know what is going on there. Thanks anyway.

I can say it sure has been interesting reading everybody's posts on Eyjaf. And Korf's 3D models have been great.

I look forward for your post.

Maybe a note on Stromboli ,too? I tried to get into it from Stomboli on line and I wasn't able to get anything. Maybe later.

Just to keep another volcano in site: there are now 65 quakes on the map that shows Long Valley and also south of the caldera. I counted 35 in the vacinity of Mammoth Mt. The quakes are shallow, about 3miles deep and I have no idea what is going on there. Could be interaction with water and/or CO2. I know there is a magma chamber under Mammoth as well as Long Valley. Just another volcano I check up on.

That is supposed to be "sight" not "site"!

Hi Volcano Guru
I am researching earthquake prediction using cloud and weather information, so far it seems too easy.
While on flash earth I happened across Isla Guadalupe OFF THE WEST coast of Mexico. It appears to be a totally volcanic Island but SEARCHES keep getting lost with another west Indian Island. To cut it short, cant find data but saw an area of clear air in shape of a V cutting continuous cloud cover, with a smoke or Vapour trail coming rom the island. Any info /links on history for seismic activity or recent rumblings?
yours in all things that shAKE AND RUMBLE.

By Lauchlan Giddy (not verified) on 20 Mar 2010 #permalink

Jebel Marra?

By anneliese johansen (not verified) on 22 Mar 2010 #permalink

@Diane: You need to remove the paren-and-dot from Boris's link to

By Té Rowan (not verified) on 28 Mar 2010 #permalink

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