Ask Sally Kuhn Sennert (Global Volcanism Program) your questions!

As a part of my continuing Q&A series, I am pleased to announce that Sally Kuhn Sennert, compiler and author of the weekly Global Volcanism Program Volcanic Activity Reports, is the next up to take your questions. A little bit about Sally:

Sally Kuhn Sennert graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh in 1997. She worked with non-human primates for several years before deciding to switch gears and pursue her first love, Geology. She returned to the University of Pittsburgh, and completed her Master's degree in 2003 under the direction of Dr. Mike Ramsey. The focus of her work was to map changes in glassy and vesiculated textures across the Soufriere Hills lava-dome surface over time, using thermal infrared images captured by the ASTER satellite, and compare her findings to other eruption data, and ultimately to evaluate hazard potential. Currently, she is at the Department of Mineral Sciences in the National Museum of Natural History, where she has been writing the Weekly Volcanic Activity Report for the past four years. Sally's position represents cooperation between the Smithsonian's Global Volcanism Program and the US Geological Survey's Volcano Hazard Program.

I know many of you read the reports diligently every week, so here's your chance to ask Sally about her work, what its like to put the reports together or anything else you think might be interesting to ask. Send your questions to i-84cc6bc3cf2966742ba05c49f79ef53a-email.jpg and I'll collect your questions until June 30 when I'll send selected questions off to Sally to answer.

If you want to browse some of the other Q&A columns, check them out:

Send in those questions!

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Earlier this summer, we had a chance to ask Sally Kuhn Sennert of the Smithsonian Institution/USGS Global Volcanism Program questions about her job as the main writer of the well-loved Weekly Volcanic Activity Report. Well, now here are the answers! Sally Kuhn Sennert of the Global Volcanism…
Sally Sennert from the Smithsonian Institution sent me an email to say that this week's USGS/Smithsonian Institute Weekly Volcanic Report will be delayed due to the inclement weather in the Washington DC area. She can't connect with the server, so the report can't be updated on the Smithsonian…
The latest news from the world of volcanoes, brought to us by the Global Volcanism Program, USGS and the Smithsonian Institution. They are also brought to us by Sally Kuhn Sennert - and if you have a question for her about her job at the GVP preparing the Weekly Volcanic Activity Report and all…

Steve, Leeds, UK
Hi. I read your weekly report without fail every Thursday. But there has always been one thing I would like to know. That is that some volcanoes like Karangatang or Stromboli, ehich have been erupting almost constantly for decades or even years. Somtime warrent (New Activity) status. For example this week (17th - 23rd June 2010) you have put Bezymiany into this catagory, although the activity that is been documented is not anything unusual, with reguards this volcano's activity since the 1950's. That is periods of dome growth interupted by Vulcanian explosions accompanied by pyroclastic flows, pyroclastic fall deposits, and the occasional thick blocky lava flow.

By Stephen cheslin (not verified) on 23 Jun 2010 #permalink

Man this is a lonely thread.

Just to keep it from feeling neglected, here is a plot if Iceland's 15 minute quake energy from the 15th until now.

Historical background of the GVP Weekly Reports and technical perspective are helpful.

About the Smithsonian Institutes's GVP Volcanic Activity Reports:

Basis of professional interaction between the USGS Volcano Hazard Program and the SI GVP:

GVP Weekly Reports Criteria and Disclaimers webpage

Technical-Information Products for a National Volcano Early Warning System. US Geological Survey Open-File Report 2007â1250 (2007). Especially useful information in the Appendix material on Aviation monitoring.

USGS Volcano Hazards Program

Why the USGS monitors volcanoes (webpage)

Lastly, the Eruptions blog relies heavily on catalog material provided by the SI-GVP. That catalog was compiled by two exceptionally noteworthy volcanologists: Tom Simkin and Lee Siebert. Lee became the GVP director in 2007. Tom, who passed away just a bit over a year ago, was GVP director from the late 60s to the early 1990s.

Simkin T, Siebert L (1994) Volcanoes of the World (2nd edition) Tucson: Geoscience Press, 369 pp.

Updated and digitally complied catalog:
Siebert L, Simkin T (2002-) Volcanoes of the World: an Illustrated Catalog of Holocene Volcanoes and their Eruptions. Smithsonian Institution, Global Volcanism Program Digital Information Series, GVP-3.

Lastly, Lee and Tom crafted an especially insightful article, 'Volcano Fatalities--Lessons from the Historical Record', published in the journal, Science (Jan 2001, Vol. 291. no. 5502, p. 255 DOI: 10.1126/science.291.5502.255)

The sole figure of this policy paper graphically illustrates the exponential rise between number of fatal eruptions (Fig 1A) and cumulative fatality (Fig 1B) between the 14th and 20th centuries.

Most telling, is the lag in fatalities, with 2/3rds of the fatalities and one-half of the fatal events occurring more than a month after the initial eruption, the result of growing cynicism among locals towards tephra, mudflows/lahar and and ash hazards.

Perhaps Sally Kuhn Sennert, the GVP or someone with an account on the aviation forums might wish to advise those interested parties that KVERT and it's aviation reports will soon cease to exist.

Alternately, there does not seem to be awareness in commercial aviation of KVERT. They won't know what they will be missing.…


Hmmm, I wonder if NOAA will notice the departure of one of their data sources.

Subject: FVFE01 RJTD 240204

FVFE01 RJTD 240204 2010175 0206
DTG: 20100624/0204Z
PSN: N5603E16038
ADVISORY NR: 2010/46
OBS VA DTG: 24/0059Z
OBS VA CLD: UNKNOWN/FL190 N5614E16052-N5707E16204-N5702E16238-N5612E1
6143 MOV NE 20KT
FCST VA CLD +6HR: 24/0659Z SFC/FL200 N5700E16230-N5658E16428-N5830E16
430-N5831E16230 FL200/550 NO VA EXP
FCST VA CLD +12HR: 24/1259Z SFC/FL200 N6042E16603-N5830E16600-N5830E1
6400-N5945E16355 FL200/550 NO VA EXP
FCST VA CLD +18HR: 24/1859Z SFC/FL200 N5948E16628-N6019E16801-N6200E1
6800-N6200E16630 FL200/550 NO VA EXP
NXT ADVISORY: 20100624/0600Z=

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