Walt Ruloff: Nazis > Science

Via PZ, a quote from Walt Ruloff, producer of EXPELLED:

The first version of Expelled leaned heavily on computer-generated images of cells, illustrating how their development relied on more than random mutation.

But alas, Ruloff said, "When we first watched that movie it was verrrrry boring."

So, with the help of Abbotsford screenwriter Kevin Miller, they made a more controversial film -- by splicing provocative black-and-white images in between Stein's punchy interviews with various scientists.

The final version of Expelled includes chilling reels of the Berlin Wall, of soldiers, of machine-guns, of scolding school principals and of extermination camps where "inferior" people, the disabled and Jews, were slaughtered.


Okay, ignoring the fact the animations were 'reduced' due to the fact they were STOLEN, not because they were 'boring'-- lets pretend Ruloff isnt a lying piece of shit that had no problems stealing from Mr. Rogers. Lets pretend comparing scientists to NAZIS isnt an ancient Creationist tradition, and wasnt EXPELLEDs original intent. Lets pretend he really did alter EXPELLED drastically 'because science is verrrrry boring'.



Spoken like a true D-student, Ruloff!! 'Its not my fault I flunked biology! The teacher was an ATHEIST! And biology is boring anyway!' LOOOOOL!!!!




This isnt an intelligence thing-- As I hope ScienceBlogs is showing, you dont have to be a super genius to understand cutting-edge science. Science isnt just for egg-head nerds. Its cool! Its fun! Its exciting!

Unless you are an intellectually lazy bastard named Walt Ruloff.

What a fucking loser.

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It depends on the amount of math the cutting-edge science involves. With basic "watch carbon compounds that crawl" work, however, the cutting edge usually stays more in the "spiffy!" than the "WTF?" region. When you start talking about the Conway-Kochen "Free Will Theorem" in mathematical physics, even understanding the result can give people headaches.

Dr. Benway - Jeez, like I hate to correct a colleague, but I believe the correct prescription for that fever is...


And ID can deliver them.

By Dr. Ben Dover (not verified) on 05 Jan 2009 #permalink

I've been a science geek since seeing John Glenn's launch in first grade.

I find it utterly inconceivable that anyone can find science boring.

The final version of expelled also contains black and white footage of Planet of the Apes, and many other old films where someone happened to say a similar word to someone in the film!

And I find it hard to believe their original film was more boring than the final one. It has taken me 3 sittings to get almost the whole way through.

Its cool! Its fun! Its exciting!... fuckin' A

The level of cognitive dissonance that must be necessary for this guy to lie that much for Jesus and still call himself a Christian is astounding.

Psst, Walt, if you have to lie and suppress education to make people believe it, THEN IT JUST MIGHT NOT BE TRUE!!!

By embertine (not verified) on 05 Jan 2009 #permalink

Glad you called it, Abbie, 'cuz I was gonna say there were a lot of signs that this whole thing was meant to be the "From Darwin to Hitler" movie adaptation from the start.

A human paraquat!

I love you :-)

Don't forget what was posted at the Expelled web site:

"Many scenes are centered around the Berlin Wall, and Ben Stein being Jewish actually visits many death camps and death showers. In fact, Nazi Germany is the thread that ties everything in the movie together. Evolution leads to atheism leads to eugenics leads to Holocaust and Nazi Germany."

ERV rules! What a terrific post Abbie and you're right about scienceblogs. Thanks for that and thanks for helping this non-scientist understand the real world.

I love that the creotards have Godwined their own movie.