ERV is eeeeeeeeeervywhere!

Because I am a cliche absent minded scientist, I completely forgot that I had tickets to Austin City Limits this year, until my passes came in the mail like last week :-/

Like, I 'remembered', but I thought it was in October or something... I dunno what my brain was doing...

Im too busy in the lab to go anyway, and I am too busy doing fun outreach activities!

1-- Stillwater Public Library, 10 am (central) Saturday 9-17
Need something fun for the kids to do on a rainy, dreary day? Ill be giving a talk to children and their parents about my research (what vaccines are, how they work, and how I am trying to make an HIV vaccine) with Monty Harper of 'Songs From the Science Frontier' fame! YES, this means there WILL be a science song about vaccines, inspired my moi :-D

2-- Online on dprsjones fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders, 7 pm (central) Saturday 9-17
The Thinking Atheist and I will be chatting about stuff AND things! Tune in to the Blogtv-athon all day Saturday and Sunday here!

3-- All Souls Unitarian Church (Tulsa), 2 pm (central) Saturday 9-18
Im going to be giving a variation of my FreeOK speech about vaccines to the Unitarians! Its going to be on their 'friends and family' day, so you should feel totally welcome to just randomly show up if you missed it at FreeOK :)

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EDIT-- TIME ZONE FAIL! 11 am Central! LOL!!! So this weekend there is a live blogtv blogathon to raise money for HIV Research! I am not a member of the blogtv culture, so I have no idea whats going on, LOL, but you can watch it here!devchelle2- Broadcast your self LIVE And you can donate here! I…
I'm going to be participating in an internet show this weekend to raise money for charity — Doctors without Borders. It's going to be going on on BlogTV Saturday and Sunday (I'll only be on for an hour early Sunday morning), with a lot of interesting people like James Randi and Matt Dillahunty in…
Skeptics of Oz was great-- Sean Gillespie asked me if I had any requirements/requests to speak, I gave him my usual rider: Sean didnt just fill a brandy glass with brown M&Ms... He filled huge Richard Dawkins Foundation coffee mug with brown M&Ms! AWESOME! Sean was just a fantastic…
Skeptics of Oz: FREE EVENT April 21 - 22 Forum Theater 147 South Hillside Street, Wichita, KS 67211Speaker lineup Im going to be speaking at 2 pm on "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Viruses" - Sure some viruses are 'scary', but modern domesticated viruses are what make our vaccines work,…

Aww. If only I were in your general vicinity. I would totally awkwardly wander into to the last one.

Oh lord. I promise not to tell PZ's clan that you "get around".
Sorry I missed you on DPRJones' charity event this weekend!

Be careful what you say at the All Souls Unitarian Church.

If you piss off the Unitarians, they will come to your house in the middle of the night and burn a question mark on your lawn.

By Militant Agnostic (not verified) on 17 Sep 2011 #permalink

You need tickets to go leave/enter Austin City Limits :o) ?

Happy to see you out educating people. You do seem to have the knack for making complex things understandable.

By Chris' Wills (not verified) on 18 Sep 2011 #permalink

Wish you had posted about fallow ACL tickets. My condo is literally right on the river, five minutes from 6th street and was empty this weekend.

Hell, if you aren't afraid of small planes I probably could have snagged you a free round trip from the Goldsby airstrip in somebody's Cessna or Mooney.

Of course Austin has become exponentially shittier (Portlandish) since Kirshenbaum moved there and started holding her coffee house courts along with the gibbering looney from "I Blame Patriarchy".

It was fun once upon a time.

Tiny Plane, tiny condo, tiny tacos, tiny bars, tiny time, back home with a pinata that looks like someone I dislike and a tiny hangover....sigh....those were the days.

By Prometheus (not verified) on 19 Sep 2011 #permalink