Skeptics of Oz 2013

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HA! Sad! We *could* have an entire conference based off skepticism and the garbage Dr. Oz promotes!

Further O/T...
I hope folks from science and medicine will step up and take down OZ. "Alt" med has become mostly snake oil with a "natural goodness" paint job.

I recently caved in to pressure from an acquaintance try a supplement for a chronic condition, finally giving in after a nurse at my specialist opined that it would be helpful. I felt most foolish when Doc pointed out the the only significant active ingredient was potassium, with 1/8 gram of various extracts (grape seed, wine, eye of newt, etc) thrown in.* 90+% of each dosage is that special natural healing substance, sugar.

*If it contains even that. The FDA can't regulate or test supplements, so it's take their word that they opened the right box of really natural good stuff from Ship Direct PRC.

By Spectator (not verified) on 13 Mar 2013 #permalink