Richard Dawkins and Nightwish

October 2012, I got to see Nightwish at a small venue in OKC.

1-- This was one of the first nights Floor Jansen was officially the New Singer for Nightwish. She blew me away.

2-- This was a *tiny* venue. Nightwish fills huge stadiums and auditoriums all over the world, but OKC? Teeny venue. And that band played for us the same way they would have played for an audience of thousands. They *WAILED*.

3-- It was my partners birthday, and while the security guys couldnt let us backstage, he did get us an autographed poster:


They are an extremely talented group of musicians and singers, and just plain ol nice folks.

You can imagine my brain exploding when I read this:





For those of you who are fans of Dawkins, but dont know about Nightwish, THIS is Nightwish:

They will be touring through the US a bit next year, and if you can make it to a show, I *highly* recommend it!

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What is it about Scandinavians and metal music? In any case, I gave it a try on your recommendation. What I heard was very talented musicians playing very ugly music. Oh well, not the only blogger I really like whose musical taste I can't stand. Keep the great science posts coming & I won't complain again about the music.

Ugh! Saw Nightwish omce years ago (also in a small venue). Marco played while wearing hot pants. I'm really looking forward to seeing them again next year.

Also, I have a very difficult time thinking of Nightwish as ugly music when my taste in music is often much noisier and uglier. I suppose it's a matter of perspective.


Of course it's a matter of perspective.Your's and Abbie's obviously lie more on the metal side of things while mine are more on the jazz side. Each to his own.

On the occasion of Jack Bruce's death, I'd like to recommend some Spectrum Road.

(BTW Abbie, there's a ridiculous interview with Steven Hatfill over at The Atlantic including his claim that Gupta's demo of PPE is the best he's seen. I dropped a couple of links to your site in the comments in the hope that some readers there might be interested in a more sane take on Ebola issues. Hopefully it will drive some traffic here.)

I didn't know Nightwish was on tour again; I'll have to get their new album. I saw them years ago at House of Blues Anahiem (Downtown Disney). Small venue, very loud (actually made my chest/guts vibrate weirdly), but their woman singer was very easy to understand.

I've found that metal can be surprisingly nerdy.

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