Tangled Bank #50

The Tangled Bank

Tangled Bank #50 is now up at The Island of Doubt. James Hrynyshyn (the lighthouse keeper of the aforementioned Island) has put together a smorgasbord of tasty science essays from the blogosphere's many ports of call. Paddle over and enjoy!

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Tangled Bank #49 is now up at Living the Scientific Life. GrrlScientist has lined up an impressive array of science writings from the blogosphere. Go and partake of them! (Me, I'm grading papers ...)
Some of these reciprocal links are late, but it's better to be late than not at all, I suppose. Here's some blog carnivals for you to enjoy while I am seeking out more London adventures to tell you about on my blog; Carnival of Horses for September. This blog carnival focuses on the best horse-…
Here you go, a few entries in the carnival genre, and your opportunity to say whatever you want. Carnival of the Animalcules Carnival of Education The Tangled Bank is coming up next Wednesday—send links to me or James Hrynyshyn.
The latest edition of Tangled Bank, the carnival of the blogosphere's best science writing, is now up at Science and Politics. And, Coturnix makes an announcement that readers of Science and Politics, Circadiana, and The Magic School Bus won't want to miss.