Your vote (for my haiku) can make a difference -- but time is running out!

My humble haiku,
Clobbered in the poll -- Unless
You vote, intervene.

Voting closes February 26, 11:59 PM EST -- so act now!

(If you want to be sure you're voting for mine, I reproduce them below the fold.)

The one of my two entries with the most votes so far:

A mature science
has no need for causal talk?
Chemists shout, " 'Fraid not!"

"Underlying Stories: The Structure of Causal Talk in Chemistry and in Everyday Life"

The other haiku I submitted, which is not doing well at all:

Chlorite, iodide.
What makes such oscillations?
Perturb, gauge response.

"Experiments and theory toward the determination of bifurcation features and the deduction of the mechanism of the oscillatory chlorite-iodide reaction"

I advise against stuffing the ballot box, since that ain't right, but do feel free to enlist the help of your friends!

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Well, I found them easy to identify without this post, knowing your history. And I voted for one, from each of us.

And, now that it is the "next day", as the family is wont to say:
Hippo, birdie, two ewes, ...

By Super Sally (not verified) on 27 Feb 2007 #permalink

Dr.Free Ride -
Party Patriot spyder just brought this to my attention. You should have posted it on the WAAGNFNP blog today, esp. since I have an animal theme going. But I got in just in time to vote for you.