Friday Sprog Blogging: seasonal art projects, and questions they raise.

Freud would probably say that there are times when a hand-turkey is just a hand-turkey.

Freud, however, isn't writing this post.


Would this kind of plumage only work on a domesticated bird? (What kind of ecosystem would make such wild feathers an advantage for any bird but one widely recognized to be yucky tasting?)


Are turkeys capable of self-awareness? If so, how does this one feel about the fact that his feet look so much like the fork stuck in his fallen comrade?


Is a hand-turkey whose head is not on the hand's thumb a mutant strain? Or is the hand-turkey like Mickey Mouse, whose ears stay in the plane of the page whether Mickey is full-face or profile? (Would this mean that there's a common ancestor Mickey Mouse shares with hand-turkeys that might explain this common trait?)


We're still trying to figure out the connection between this purportedly alien creature and Thanksgiving. Any hunches?

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Thanksgiving was first celebrated by aliens, wasn't it?

And the plumage - blame sexual selection. And use that as an excuse to look at lots of photos of birds of paradise.