Friday Sprog Blogging: extinction.

Have I mentioned before that children are vectors of disease? The Free-Ride offspring are no exception in this regard. As a result, I've been laid low with fever and assorted flu-like symptoms.

Sadly, this did not result in an edifying and amusing conversation about the workings of the immune system. Maybe when I'm better.

However, I did manage to overhear (and transcribe) a conversation the sprogs were having without me.

(While eating breakfast and trying to ignore a minor incursion of ants in the kitchen)

Younger offspring: I wish ants were extinct.

Elder offspring: Really?

Younger offspring: Really!

Elder offspring: What would the anteaters eat?

Younger offspring: Fine, there can be ants only where the anteaters are, but not in the house.

Elder offspring: What if there were anteaters in our house?

Younger offspring: I don't suppose that would happen.

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Kid logic - always good for a LOL. Hope you feel better soon!

By themadlolscientist (not verified) on 13 Jun 2008 #permalink

You allow them to talk without you? That way leads to plotting and insurrection.

By Donalbain (not verified) on 14 Jun 2008 #permalink

No anteaters inside has always been a house rule of ours as Unlearned Hand remembers from days of yore.

Hope you feel better, and that the plague has finished its devastation on casa Free-Ride.

By Super Sally (not verified) on 14 Jun 2008 #permalink

And in answer to that anteater on top of the notebook...

So true about children being vectors of disease. During grad school, we had a couple of grad students with kids in daycare and you cannot believe how often we all get sick. Sometimes, you can practically see the the virus in its wake as it moved from one person to the next as each of us drop one after the other like dominoes.