The elder Free-Ride offspring drew this picture (on two sides of the same piece of paper).

I think I detect some M.C. Escher influence here.



It is left to the reader to provide the hypothetical evolutionary pathways that connect each of these critters.

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As a very young child I have already exhibited great artistic tendencies, especially where painting and drawing were concerned. My mother kept all my drawings from my childhood and I myself am amazed when I look at them about the perception and prespectives that young children have about their surroundings. These perceptions, of course, are greatly influenced by the adults in their lives and I see in your elder's depiction of evolution everything that he has been taught at home and in school with a promising artistic potential and a nice touch of personal expression.

I hope Janet that you do keep in a safe place all your offspring drawings and art works.

By S. Rivlin (not verified) on 26 Dec 2008 #permalink