Friday Sprog Blogging: evidence of science.

Jet-lag and grading fatigue (plus being on the other coast for three days) mean that I haven't had much time lately to sit down with the sprogs and have a conversation about science. However, Casa Free-Ride presents me with clues which suggest that the Free-Ride offspring have been thinking about science.

The younger Free-Ride offspring's backpack, for example, yielded a water quality report:


The dry-erase calendar on the door between the kitchen and garage still retains visual aids from a conversation Dr. Free-Ride's better half seems to have had with the sprogs about genetics:


And, on the couch, I found a travel brochure:


... advertising travel to Neptune.


(I do recall being asked by the younger offspring, I imagine while this project was under way, whether it was ethical to claim that Neptune was the prettiest planet, given that there might be legitimate differences of opinion on the matter.)





Grades are due at midnight. After that's all over, I'm hopeful that the Free-Ride offspring and I will again find time for conversations.

Fingers crossed.

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