Detroit Rawk Sit on My Ass

The meeting went pretty well (I may have more to say later once I've had time to digest everything). When I got to the airport on Sunday, I found out my flight was one hour late. I live in the middle of nowhere, so it's impossible to get a direct flight from the western or southern US. Long story short, I missed my connecting flight by about 5 minutes. These assholes wouldn't hold my plane for me -- they figured it was better to waste their money to put me up in a hotel and give me money for food than go a few minutes behind schedule. They also gave me a coupon for $100 dollars off my next flight with them. How nice. I guess that means I'll be flying with them again. Damn.

I also had my first blog-person encounter. You know, when two people that only know each other from blogging get together in real life. I met John Lynch on Wednesday. John, I take back all the bitching about the heat in Arizona. Eighty degrees and humid is much worse than 100 degrees and dry. And those temps are in fahrenheit. Don't ask me to convert them to celsius. I can't.

And my rescheduled flight from Detroit (pronounced "day-twah") to Pennsylvania goes through Cincinnati. Rock on! Flying sucks.


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I had a bad experience with NWA one Saturday evening flying into Phoenix. They managed to delay our (the whole flight's) baggage for over two hours and never kept us informed about it. I asked them to deliver my baggage, they said no, and I had to return the next day. I wrote a letter to the airline, and will *never* fly NWA again.

By John Lynch (not verified) on 29 May 2006 #permalink

See, I keep telling my east coast friends that I would rather have 105 with no humdity than 85 degrees and humid. I'm from Tempe and would have loved to go the meeting. Sounds like you had a good time.

Amit, the meeting was good, and I wasn't alone in Detroit. A few Cornell dudes missed their flights as well.