Stealing from Other Schools


That's the poster for the upcoming football season at Penn State. It's purpose is both utilitarian (it's got the schedule of games printed on it) and motivational (it's supposed to get you all geeked up for the upcoming season). This year's poster is using the slogan "FIGHT ON!", and I bet someone in the athletic department thought they were real clever when they came up with that. It also sounds mighty familiar, almost as if I'd heard it before. Oh, yeah, it's the name of the USC fight song (see here). It's not as bad as Auburn printing "Roll Tide" on their poster or Ohio State printing "Go Blue" on their's, but it's pretty freakin' stupid.

(Via The Wizard of Odds.)

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The only slogan more unoriginal than that would be "FOOTBALL!"

gg ND

By Person24058436507835 (not verified) on 29 Aug 2007 #permalink

That's funny! Of course it's okay, becasue JoPa, won't notice a thing. Of course, I don't think he notices much these days. Doesn't he have his 150th birthday party coming up soon?

Go Cats!

I bleed blue and white

You should really have that checked out.

Nope, there's one school slogan out there that beats them all, that of my alma mater, the University of Texas. The university paid a cool million to Austin ad powerhouse GSD&M for...wait for it...

"We're Texas."

To which a stadium/city/state full of fans replied at its debut: no shit.

Constance, imagine if you came across another school that used the slogan "Hook 'em Horns" on their poster? Say, for example, the TCU Horned Frogs.

yall dumb, thats part of our fight song....FIGHT ON STATE so stfu u morons. aint stealing if we are using a slogan from our fight song now is it? nah didnt think so. and didnt we STOMP the team that beat ur pu$$y ass Trojans??? Oregon State? think so. have a nice day being below top 10 there bud

By joeyfingaz (not verified) on 16 Oct 2008 #permalink