They don't write 'em like that any more

Mike Taylor on the Dinosaur list has this in his signature:

"Conclusion: is left to the reader (see Table 2).

Acknowledgements: I wrote this paper for money" -- A. A. Chastel,

A critical analysis of the explanation of red-shifts by a new field, A&A 53, 67 (1976)

While it was the 70s, this was in a prestigious journal. You can see the paper for yourself [2.2 Mb PDF].

Clearly not a philosopher. We pay other people to let us write papers...


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Some time after he retired, B.F. Skinner published a paper in a psychological journal that I read at the time but no longer recall -- perhaps it was American Psychologist -- with a footnote crediting the Social Security Administration for supporting his work.

RBH - I did something similar on my PhD thesis: thanking the DHSS (Department of Health and Social Security) for financial support.

I'm not as famous as Skinner though.


The money comment is priceless (inadvertent pun there) but I wonder if the odd conclusion is because the front page notes the author died in an accident before the revised (and published) paper was finished and was "communicated" by a colleague?

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