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Ghana News asks why there's been no Australian-African summits held? Good question.

Conservation Bytes discusses and links to the classic "Biodiversity Hotspot" paper. It's still a disputed notion.

A forthcoming paper in PNAS (heh. You said "pnas") discusses a technical problem with DNA Barcoding. Apparently the assays pick up pseudogenes that are similar enough to the COXII mt genes to register but which have evolved by drift and random mutation so they give a false positive for a "novel" species.

PLoS Biology has a lovely memoir of Francis Crick, who discovered the structure of DNA and died working on the problem of consciousness.

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When we attempt to apply to organisms that are not obligately sexual (that is, which don't have to have sex to reproduce) concepts that were specified to use with those that are, we have problems. The Recombination Model is one such attempt. Sure, some microbial species exchange genes. Others do…
So, here I am in Phoenix airport, waiting to go back home, and I read T Ryan Gregory's snark about me and barcoding. Apparently I am to learn only from his blog posts and not from (perish the thought) critics. One should never attend to critics. My crime was, of course, to say that I thought Brent…
Monica Piotrowski (Utah) also is talking about DNA Barcoding. She starts with a child's coin sorter. Imagine that it's a bug-sorter, sorting by DNA samples. What does the child now have? She claims Barcoders must have a species concept to measure the success of their practice. They have none, and…
So Bryan Fischer came out swinging like a lunkhead, and now Ann Coulter scurries out to try and get in a sucker punch. Neither are very effective. Roughly one-third of my 2006 No. 1 New York Times best-seller, "Godless: The Church of Liberalism," is an attack on liberals' creation myth, Darwinian…

The Crick memoir is indeed a fascinating obituary-cum-(what? explanation of a research program?).

One nitpick:

"From James Watson's and his [Crick's] early work, the structure of DNA explained the α, the origins of life."

I don't know if they really meant this, but the DNA structure discovery doesn't have much to do with abiogenesis, if I understand correctly (not being a scientist).

But anyway, didn't Daniel Dennett solve the problem in Consciousness Explained? (Just kidding).

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