Gems from Tom Waits

Waits is one of the few people I admire almost without reservation, even including the industrial blues. A comment quoted on a passing web site was "We are monkeys with money and guns", leading me via Google to this wonderful interview at NPR a few months back. Read it.

I have cited his version of Somewhere as the best of all time, in a philosophy article.

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Tom Waits said:

We are buried beneath the weight of information, which is being confused with knowledge...

JW imparts knowledge and not information and the fact that he's a Tom Waits fanatic probably explains why I like him so much!

what you hide is not always about the truth
the things you give away do not alway's have meaning
what you love is not always there to stay
what you say is not always confedential
but the question you sewed will alway's leave remarks whatever the question is

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