Basic Concepts in Science: A list

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Recent additions:

Taxonomy, by Dave Hone at Archosaur Musings

Basics: NOT by John Wilkins, at Evolving Thoughts

This is the main list of the Basic Concepts posts being put up by Science Bloggers and others. It will be updated and put to the top when new entries are published. If you are not a Scienceblogger, email me and let me know of your post, or someone else's. If you want suggestions for a topic to write on, just ask.

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Subject posts

In each case, read the comments too.

I've decided to list these by field and topic and author, respectively (this allows multiple authors to cover one topic, as in Gene).

We don't want this to be a competitor to Wikipedia, but a chatty and useful resource for folk to get into whatever they need to at the start of learning a topic. If you know of older posts of this kind, do let me know by email. My address is john-dot-s-dot-wilkins-at-gmail-dot-com (make the obvious amendments by removing dashes and dots and replacing them with . or @), or leave a comment.

More like this

Thanks for flagging me up John, I do ahev abunch of others either already up (including todays' 'hoe to read a phylogenetic tree) and soem more general ones like 'how to write a paper'. It's good to see others commiting to this and I am glad to see it's still running.