Python versus man

Pam Ayers once noted that in car and hedgehog fights, the hedgehog comes off worse, but what about in python and human fights? It seems they reached a standoff in Kenya recently. He bit the snake on the tail while it tried to eat him. He held off by using a shirt to blog its mouth, and a mobile phone to call for help. It managed to take him into the trees, which is unheard of, Disney animated movies notwithstanding.

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He held off the snake by holding his shirt across its mouth while dialing his cell phone?

How many hands did this guy have?

he took to time to "blog" while being eaten....seed should invite him to scienceblogs :)

This kinda stuff happens to me all the time. It never turns out well.

Who knew that the long-predicted wearable computer would arrive first in Kenya?

By Pierce R. Butler (not verified) on 22 Apr 2009 #permalink