Will new sequencing technology kill arrays

Keith Robison has a perceptive piece riffing off the recent Illumina instrument launch, and ponders whether 2010 will be the year that array-based genomic technologies finally start to die off with the rise of sequencing.
The market certainly seems to think so. Check out the immediate effect on stock prices for Illumina (ILMN) and array manufacturer Affymetrix (AFFX) following the Illumina announcement (both normalised to 0 at the start of the graph):
This comes in the context of long-term stagnation of AFFX stock, while Illumina has exploded over the last five years. Illumina made plenty of money from the array market, but it also established itself as a key player in the emergence of next-generation sequencing. Affymetrix was not as far-sighted.

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