Experience the Power and Mystery of Genetics With Illumina

Join Illumina in its quest to discover "What makes you... you?" And to discern why even though people are genetically 99.9 % similar, we look and act so incredibly different!

IlStudents and adults are encouragedto participate in Illumina's interactive Expo exhibit at the USA Science & Engineering Festival to answer for themselves these tricky but intriguing questions in genetics, using tools of gene-based science and technology, including series of tests involving eye color, taste and more!
Discover how genetic researchers use genetic markers to study disease and to help improve the human condition, and how really cool and interesting genetics can be!

For example, every day, Illumina technology is helping unlock the mysteries of our genome. Just over the past year Illumina provided the first full coverage DNA sequencing of the first named family of four and celebrities in the worlds of entertainment and academia. Ultimately, Illumina hopes this information from a person's genome will eventually help them and their doctor make critical healthcare decisions . Because Illumina believes innovation is in our DNA, it is relentless in creating new products that push the envelope of science and technology. Kids today could be the next Illumina scientists to come up with a discovery that makes a real difference in the lives of many people.

Illumina wants to inspire young people and adults to learn more about the power of genetic research and the role of such science in helping further the understanding of human health. Illumina is right at the forefront of revolutionary efforts to change the way diseases are understood, detected and treated, based on greater knowledge about our genes.

By exhibiting at the USA Science & Engineering Festival, Illumina hopes to shed some light on the importance of genetics now and for the future. Already it has made significant strides forward toward enabling a healthier future for all, and it is anxious for future scientist and engineers to join their exciting quest as it moves into even more promising frontiers. Come explore, learn, discover, and interact with Illumina.

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