Go Dennis Kucinich & Ron Paul!

My views apparently match Dennis Kucinich & Ron Paul:

# 1 Dennis Kucinich 75% similarity
# 2 Ron Paul 75% similarity
# 3 Christopher Dodd 73% similarity
# 4 Bill Richardson 73% similarity
# 5 Mike Gravell 71% similarity
# 6 John Edwards 69% similarity
# 7 Barack Obama 68% similarity
# 8 Hillary Clinton 67% similarity
# 9 Joe Biden 63% similarity
# 10 Mitt Romney 53% similarity
# 11 Fred Thompson 51% similarity
# 12 Mike Huckabee 49% similarity
# 13 Duncan Hunter 49% similarity
# 14 John Mccain 48% similarity
# 15 Rudy Guliani 43% similarity

Via Omnibrain.


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That's interesting, Kucinich is more socialist leaning, whereas Paul is very conservative. I'd like to see what would happen if those two were running mates.

By Chou Chou (not verified) on 03 Jan 2008 #permalink