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Several years ago Oprah Winfrey asked Tiger Woods what he would say to people who say that when they look him they see a black man. The issue was that some African Americans objected to Woods' contention that he was multiracial, Cablinasian, which reflected the fact that he was ancestrally 1/2…
We were out walking the dog at Malabar Bay and saw some dolphins. They're not an unusual sight in the ocean off Sydney but I've never seen them this close before -- you could almost reach out and touch them. There were about a dozen of them and they were splashing around for about half an hour.…
This is not good. The pressure reported by the National Hurricane Center was 976, then 972, then 967....meanwhile, the storm has developed a perfect eye: The Advanced Dvorak Technique, a computer program being run by folks at the University of Wisconsin that assesses storm intensity, now shows a…