Foreclosure status on Google Maps

Calculated Risk points out that you can look up foreclosure status on Google Maps. Pretty weird. Had no idea that a house 2 blocks away was being foreclosed on....

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The house across the street from us is being foreclosed. This really isn't a surprised as it's been vacant for nearly 6 years. Who can afford to keep up payments on a house not being lived in for that long?

The truly sad part is the visible deterioration over the years... the porch roof is sagging, the railing along the porch is whomperjawed... and that's not even taking into consideration the interior deterioration because of termites and mildew.

My bro-in-law has wanted this house for well over 6 months now, but he's quite aware of what he'd have to do to make it habitable... and the price the bank is asking is so far not within the realm of reasonable.

Wow a house down the road from my parents is for sale for 53,000. 4 bedrooms 2 baths. That's pretty depressing considering my rent.