Kennedy Surgery Over

Ted Kennedy is out of brain surgery with good results, according to a recent news report.

(Durham, NC) Sen. Edward M. Kennedy underwent what his doctors called successful surgery Monday to treat his cancerous brain tumor, and told his wife shortly after that he felt "like a million bucks," a family spokeswoman said.

... which is kinda too bad, as he is actually worth tens of millions if not more ...

The surgery at Duke University Medical Center took about 3 1/2 hours. He is expected to undergo chemotherapy and radiation in coming weeks, and will remain at the North Carolina facility for about a week.

The 76-year-old Massachusetts Democrat was diagnosed last month with a malignant glioma, a lethal type of brain tumor. Experts had said Dr. Allan Friedman - the top neurosurgeon at Duke and an internationally known tumor and vascular surgeon - was likely try to remove as much of the tumor as possible while balancing the risk of harming healthy brain tissue that affects movement and speech.

Friedman said the surgery "was successful and accomplished our goals." Kennedy was awake during the procedure, and should not experience any permanent neurological effects, he said.

"After a brief recuperation, he will begin targeted radiation at Massachusetts General Hospital and chemotherapy treatment," Friedman said....

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Well, a link would have been helpful.

Also, NPR was reporting a while ago that Senator Byrd was hospitalized, though if they gave a cause, I missed it.

Thank you Stephanie. I hadn't yet found (made) time to get the details.

I know the Senator's about three days older than dirt and every little thing is cause for concern, but I'm glad it doesn't appear to be something more serious.