Stooopid Signs

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This reminds me of my first trip to Boston as a non-child. It was with my friend Karl to see his cousin Mark. Mark lived in an area of Somerville that I eventually got to know quite well myself (student ghetto) years later. This was about the time the city was changing most two way streets over to one way streets in order to relieve congestion. (Somerville was, and may still be, the most densely populated city on the Planet Earth without exception, believe it or not.)

Anyway, to get to Mark's house, you went down one one-way street and turned left onto another one-way. Sounds easy, right? But there was a sign on that turn that said "No left turn 4-6:00 PM" So in the late afternoon, no going home if you are Mark.


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Oh yes, Somerville. When I worked for one company we had a branch in Somerville. I used to hate going there because of the retarded traffic pattern.

But I live in Providence which has streets that go from pedestrian only, to one way, two way, and then back to pedestrian way over time.

Up until a few years ago Washington St. was one-way. Now it's two way. Empire St. is transitioning from one-way to two way, and they've got plans to do the same on Weybosset.

I'm fond of the "take every care to avoid accidents" signs, myself. In Britain, signs like that take the place of guard rails, etc. It's awfully nice to be assumed to be an adult who can take care of herself.

There's a Mars not far from the Moon in the western burbs of Pittsburgh. I lived in that area for several years, and I remember driving past a sign that said:

<---- Moon [distance]
Mars [distance] ---->

You just can't make stuff like this up.

By themadlolscientist (not verified) on 11 Jun 2008 #permalink

Oops, that looked OK in preview but didn't come through when I posted it. I even used the code for the left arrow point.


[left arrow] Moon [distance]

You get the idea even if the intarwebz doesn't.

By themadlolscientist (not verified) on 11 Jun 2008 #permalink