Texas Education Agency May Get its Comer-Uppance

Christina Comer is suing the Texas Education agency. Here is a copy of the law suit. From the Dallas News:

AUSTIN - A former state science curriculum director filed suit against the Texas Education Agency and Education Commissioner Robert Scott on Wednesday, alleging she was illegally fired for forwarding an e-mail about a lecture that was critical of the teaching of intelligent design in science classes.
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Christina Comer, who lost her job at the TEA last year, said in a suit filed in federal court in Austin that she was terminated for contravening an unconstitutional policy at the agency that required employees to be neutral on the subject of creationism - the biblical interpretation of the origin of humans.

The policy was in force even though the federal courts have ruled that teaching creationism as science in public schools is illegal under U.S. Constitution's provision preventing government establishment or endorsement of religious beliefs.

"The agency's 'neutrality' policy has the purpose or effect of endorsing religion, and thus violates the Establishment Clause," the lawsuit said.

Ms. Comer also said in her complaint that she was fired without due process after serving as the state science director for nearly 10 years.

Read the rest here.

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Oh, good. I was worried that she was going to roll over on this one in order not to "hurt" the agency she'd dedicated so much time to. Whether she was just lying low while figuring out her options, or whether she's come to realize there isn't a way to fix the agency that won't hurt, I'm so happy to see this won't pass without a fight.