Joe Barr, Linux evangelist and writer: exit(0)

Joe died yesterday.

Joe Barr (October 19, 1944 - July 11, 2008) was an editor and writer for the SourceForge sites and IT Manager's Journal.

A former programmer, Barr had worked on everything from microcomputers like the TRS-80 Model I to IBM mainframes with acres of DASD, writing code in more than a dozen languages, including RPG II, 370 ALC, COBOL, BASIC, TIBOL, MASM, and C. Much of that experience coming in his 13 years with Ross Perot's EDS.[citation needed]

As a writer, Barr first gained notoriety and, according to Ziff-Davis' Spencer F. Katt, a cult-like following for his zine, The Dweebspeak Primer.


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