The New Obama Ad


Yeha. Rampant nationalism for the win.

Blaming Iraq for the mistakes in the USA economic system! (1) Always a good way to cop out of responsibilities...

Bah, that add sucked. Honestly, that one is much better:

(1) Blaming the military invasion of Iraq and wasteful spending into military assets is very well, but implying that the Iraqis selling oil is the root of the problem of US economic woes? That's just stupid and despicable.

By student_b (not verified) on 15 Aug 2008 #permalink

Does that mean Obama reads book chapters title by title? Frankly, he just destroyed whole book of McCain arguments with only three sentences.

Iraq really does have a huge budget surplus and we really are sending tons of money to them for reconstruction. How would this not hurt our country? Nationalism, I wish someone would run on that. Our country and the people in it first. Not some huge corporation who will close a plant here, send those jobs over to be staffed by child labor in china and then sell the goods in Walmart cheap. Ever look at our bridges and roads? Lets fix them before we give Iraq billions to make their schools and roads better!


I don't see how blaming those who "keep spending for the war in Iraq, whilst Iraqis sell oil at record prices", implies that one is blaming the Iraqis nor that the Iraqis selling oil at record prices is the root cause of the problem.

By negentropyeater (not verified) on 16 Aug 2008 #permalink

iRobot, I'd suggest that if you do not want your country to pay for rebuilding other nations it'd be best if your country didn't destroy other nations to the extent they need rebuilding in the first place.