"it is very difficult to prevent the attack of a wild rabid animal once in progress"

Coming back to the research base camp, one day, in the Ituri Forest (DR Congo) the first thing I noticed was that our cat was quite dead and even stiff. Her neck had been broken by some sort of carnivore, but strangely, she was not eaten. A leopard or some other creature would have eaten her.

Then I heard the news of six men all bitten by a rabid dog. Four goats were also bitten, and some chickens were killed. The drama that ensued over the next few days goes far beyond what I could present in a blog post (perhaps a novella) so I'll tell you the rest of the story some other time. The reason I bring this up at all is because I'm reminded of it by the juxtaposition of horrific news from the Congo, and this odd little story from the American Southwest:

An Arizona jogger had an unwelcome companion on a recent run - a fox, hanging on to her arm by its teeth.

The rabid animal had attacked her foot and then as she grabbed its neck, it bit her arm and would not let go.

... and so on. Very interesting story, read the rest here.


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Yeah, we saw the same thing during the last campaign. Once the Republicans started a meme, they held on and wouldn't let go even though it was backfiring.

(((Wife))) had a bite from a dog when she was a kid. Had to go through the whole rabies shot thing back when it was lots of shots. She still remembers the pain.

This gives a whole new meaning to "Foxy Lady" doesn't it?