The softer side of the war on christmas

Season's greetings from the secular side


August Berkshire
Minnesota Atheists

'Tis the season. With winter coming, some members of the religious right have begun bracing themselves for the so-called annual atheists' "war on Christmas." While we think that the government and public schools should remain neutral when it comes to religious celebrations, we have no interest in depriving anyone of whatever private celebrations they wish to conduct.

Nevertheless, in case you were wondering, here are the plans some of us have for December....

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Let me know when we can start burnin' down the churches and spreadin' Ebola again...

And just as a reminder, please remember that I was the one that won the "Burn Bill O The Clown At The Stake" Lottery.

Dagnabbit, I was so busy preparing for the end of Capitalism and the coming Socialist utopia, that I forgot all about the War on Christmas! I bought a whole crapload of Christmas decorations just this evening!

What am I going to do with them all? Guess I'll use them to decorate my altar (the one I use to sacrifice babies while I'm dancing naked for Satan)

FYI J-Dog, cinnamon pinecones are great for covering the smell of burning flesh!