Texas, Woe Is You

Meet Don McLeroy

Doesn't Don look happy? He should. He's accomplished a great many things. He has an engineering degree, is a practicing dentist, has served in the U.S. Army, and has even helped out with his local Boy Scouts of America chapter, or congragation, or whatever they're called. On top of that, he's a Sunday-school teacher!

And he's a creationist and he's the head of the Texas Schoolboard.

The gory, awful details are HERE.

Texans, please don't make me tell you that you are all a bunch of slack jawed morons again! I know you don't like it. But you keep doing this shit.

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Next time I get down on you slack-jawed yokels in Texas, which could be any time, I don't want to hear any flack. No excuses. You can take my critique in the gut and live with it OR you can tell me to stuff it. But the latter is only an option if you get off your bovine Texas asses and do what…

'The only good thing about Texans is that they make us Floridians look good"

Yeah Baby!!!! ;-) We is smarter here!

Hey click on my name for some good news from CA!

I'd say Texans deserve the idiots they produce for supporting people like him, but this the problem is that some Texans leave Texas (and eventually become president), then we have to deal with the "slack jawed morons."

*Although I guess that the current Texan president isn't really from Texas... but I'm sure it'd be ok to give him an honorary Texas public eduction.