Evolution vs. Creationism by Eugenie Scott, Second Edition

It's out! Evolution vs. Creationism: An Introduction Second Edition is now available on line and in bookstores (or at least it is being shipped out as we speak).

This is the newly revamped edition of Genie Scott's essential reference supporting the Evolutionist Perspective in the so called "debate" over creationism vs. evolution. The original version of this book was excellent, but this updated version is essential. There is quite a bit of new information in this volume reflecting the fact that quite a few things have happened since the publication of the prior edition.

Scott's book provides both an overview of the basic evolutionary biology that is under attack by creationists and the creationist arguments themselves. The discussion of the creationist arguments and how to deal with them is especially important, as it is written from the perspective of a very experienced individual, and in in the most useful possible way for a teacher or school administrator.

From the press release:

What's going on here? Why is the United States the only country where teaching evolution is so controversial? Why are scientists so sure that evolution is good science? Are people of faith truly unable to accept the central principle of modern biology? Is it really "fair" for creationism to be taught alongside evolution? What have the courts said? And will attacks on evolution ultimately undermine not only American education but American competitiveness?

These and many other questions are answered in the 2nd edition of Evolution vs. Creationism, Dr. Eugenie Scott's lucid and comprehensive look at this ongoing debate. Dr. Scott, one of the leading promoters and defenders of teaching evolution in the schools, dissects these ever-changing efforts to undermine science education. Praised for its balance and comprehensiveness, the book places the issues in today's headlines into historical, cultural, religious, educational, and scientific perspective as no other book does.

At some levels, the tactics used by creationists to force the teaching of religion in public schools are always the same, but pragmatically they change enough that one must always adjust the counter tactics. The revised edition of Evolution vs. Creationism is updated to take into account recent adjustments to the Intelligent Design strategy. Also, there are always new challenges, court decisions, and other legally relevant outcomes all across the country, and this new volume covers several things that have happened since the first edition.

Just as important are the resources outlined in the book are updated and expanded. If you are a school administrator, teacher, or parent with a child in a public school you need this book as a basic reference. A typical chapter may have legal cases and references for handy reference:

The book has a foreword by Judge John Jones, the federal judge who presided over the Dover case, which in turn is fully covered in Genie's new book. One gets the impression that Judge Jones was just a little smitten with Genie. In fact, it is rather remarkable that he agreed to write this second foreword (the other is by Nils Eldgridge, by the way). Obviously, Genie Scott is capable of making things happen.

This book is essential for anyone involved in this debate.

Go get it now.

The chapters:

PART I: Science, Evolution, Religion, and Creationism
CHAPTER 1. Science: Truth Without Certainty
CHAPTER 2. Evolution
CHAPTER 3. Beliefs: Religion, Creationism, and Naturalism

PART II: A History of the Creationism/Evolution Controversy
CHAPTER 4. Before Darwin to the Twentieth Century
CHAPTER 5. Eliminating Evolution, Inventing Creation Science
CHAPTER 6. Neocreationism
CHAPTER 7. Testing Intelligent Design and Evidence Against Evolution in
the Courts

PART III: Selections from the Literature
CHAPTER 8. Cosmology, Astronomy, Geology
CHAPTER 9. Patterns and Processes of Biological Evolution
CHAPTER 10. Legal Issues
CHAPTER 11. Educational Issues
CHAPTER 12. Issues Concerning Religion
CHAPTER 13. The Nature of Science
CHAPTER 14. Evolution and Creationism in the Media and Public Opinion

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What is a "forward"? In a book?

By Jan Krans (not verified) on 06 Feb 2009 #permalink

Jan, it's a few introductory paragraphs.

By Richard Simons (not verified) on 07 Feb 2009 #permalink

In my opinion the largest threat for California are cataclysms and ecological catastrophes. Not important is how many money we have because one tragedy can us take all.

Richard Simons: ... it's a few introductory paragraphs.

Naw, that's a foreword.

By Pierce R. Butler (not verified) on 07 Feb 2009 #permalink

A great gift for your child's life science teacher.

By life science teacher (not verified) on 07 Feb 2009 #permalink

Someone's hinting for a birthday present, eh Life Science Teacher?

Thanks for this, went to BandN today and picked up Your Inner Fish, would have picked up this as well, but it was not the newest edition. Would have booted myself severely if I saw this post after I bought that.

Meanwhile, back in Dover, Darwin came by for a visit (as a billboard). Folks in the area are in a tizzy again. York Dispatch had a few items relating to it.

I'm really not happy with Jones writing this foreword. It gives a further impression that his decision was biased. Writing the foreword for a book written by the head of an organization that was involved in a trial you presided over looks unprofessional. As a federal judge, Jones shouldn't be engaging in this behavior. He should let his decision speak for itself.

Josh: Have you read the foreword? In which the judge talks about how he at first said no then decided there was a reason to do it?

I heard Dr. Scott speak at UC Berkeley today on the creationist strategies for affecting school curricula. She's an engaging speaker and passionate on the subject. A biology teacher who had received advice from NCSE was on hand to have his first edition signed and to thank her for her support. I joined NCSE on my return home - it is a member organization and looking for help in the fight to keep science science-y.

After seeing Nova's show about the Dover Penn. school district being sued by the science teachers and how the I.D. creaters had tryed to sneek I.D. into the school system as a true science. I don't think that Judge Jones is being biased. After all it was the Intelligent Desiners that were found guilty of purjury.

Intelligent Design is nothing more than a substituted title for creationism. It is a psuedo-science! Nothing more.

True science is about finding truth by being objective, not by being doubtful. It is not based on the super natural or superstition. But rather being based on well known substaciated facts. Not on speculation or circumstancial evidence alone. Evolution is no longer a hypothesis, but rather a scientific theory because it is based on well established, substanciated facts like; DNA, geological records, transitional fossils, and etc... . There are contradictions in creationism and I.D., but there are no contradictions in evolution. Truth never contradicts itself. These well established facts do however contradict creationism and I.D. .

Does one base their beliefs on truth or does one base their truths on beliefs. If one boast about our origins without having any evidence to base it on other than faith doesn't that make them the fool?

If thy have a boastful tongue let it be that which rest upon thy head the Crown of Truth.

I would rather have questions that can't be answered than to have answers that can't be questioned.

By Eupraxsophy (not verified) on 16 Sep 2009 #permalink