Michele Bachmann "I Saw Bigfoot in Georgetown!"

Well, not really, but she did mention that we are Running Out of Rich People!!!11!!!!

This first bit below is from a few days back is just full of gems. I'm giving you the whole radio interview here. Below, is an annotated version that may be more enjoyable. Either way, shoot up some Valium first.

She gets giddy over Acorn, and at just under nine minutes declares that we are running out of rich people. She also mentions that any Republicans that don't vote as she wishes are not really Republicans. And considering how ICKY she is, it's pretty amazing that she can't pronounce the "ic" in "DemocratIC Party."

HT, Minnesota Progressive, Dump Michele Bachmann, and Monica

And now the annotated version from Countdown:

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Sadly, I kind of forgot about her until today.

sad that you forgot, or sad that you were reminded?

Well I for one am definitely sad to be reminded - ugh.

Oh man I hate her so much.

In the West Wing Episode, 'Take This Sabbath Day', there is the following exchange:

'Iâm running a campaign against a Conservative Republican whoâs held his seat for over thirty years. He opposed gay rights, abortion, gun control, and raising the minimum wage. And supports government sponsored prayer in the schools and amending the Bill of Rights to prohibit burning an American flag. Now for the first time in three decades, we have a chance to beat him. Why are you telling the DNC to cut down my funding?

JOSH Lyman
Because you have a chance to beat him...Weâve been watching your campaign.... Youâre doing way too well...Joey, every time he comes out with one of his declarations about brown people crossing the border, the DNC slaps it into a direct mail campaign, and heâs good for two or three million dollars.'

That has to be the reason Bachman was put on this earth - to raise money for the DNC - because its difficult to think of any other...

I'm surprised such a nut comes out of this district. I know it's leaning republican, but she seems a bit too crazy for a mere lean republican area.

Y'know, now that the Dems are in charge, there should be a law passed for mandatory, regular, random drug testing of Republicans, specifically looking for long term use of hallucinogens.