O'Reilly on Letterman


Part I:

The first couple of minutes is Letterman making numerous jokes at O'Reilly's expense. Nicely done.

1min 30 sec. Rush Limbaugh as new face of the Republican Party. O'Reilly takes credit for Limbaugh's success.

3 min 50 sec. This is Letterman throwing out phrases he had apparently practiced earlier in the show ("Oh yea?" "Whatever!" and so on) much to the amusement of the audience.

4 min 50 sec: Letterman lays out the fact that O'Reilly lies. Regarding Sean Penn. Linbaugh, I mean O'Reilly starts to take it up a notch.

6 min 30 sec: O'Reilly claims to have had a conversation with Hugo Chavez.

7 min 45 sec: O'Reilly claims to be a journalist. The country does a spit take.

8 min 55 sec: Letterman compares O'Reilly, Limbaugh, etc. to Championship Wrestling.

Part II:

Starts out with discussion of Al Franken.

0 min 44 sec: O'Reilly backs off dissing Al. Fear is in his voice.

1 min 00 sec: O'Reilly claims that there should be a new election but this time with outside observers because cheating is known to happen.

1 min 22 sec: O'Reilly claims that the court process for Senate will continue through Franken's entire term.

2 min 40 sec: They start talking about George Bush

2 min 45 sec: Greg goes to bed.

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You are brilliant. your analysis is perfet. I'm pretty sure you didn't get one fact wrong.

By kissing your ass (not verified) on 02 Apr 2009 #permalink

Once again, comedians do our journalism for us.

By Ace of Sevens (not verified) on 02 Apr 2009 #permalink

One again, a LIBtard half-truth. Bill explained that he started as a journalist but is now a commentator. Libs a so frothing at the mouth to find any trivial fault on O'Reilly's part that they are now reduced to using only portions of his sentences.

Let's face it Bill is No. one for a reason. He is by far, the least ideological of the top cable news hosts - although you Libs will never never admit it.

If we restrict Olby to not mentioning FOX or O'Reilly, his show can go own to one-half hour. Then MSNBC can have its first real news show for the other 30 minutes.