Let our mayor have more friends (and Sven)!

Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak, who by the way is a very effective and popular mayor, has reached the official facebook limit of 5,000 friends. And the funny thing is, these really are his friends! In the sense that RT actually uses his facebook account to interact with people. One of our local meteorologists (Sven) has also reached his limit. Both are asking Facebook to raise the limit, which would be very much in line with something Facebook had considered doing at an earlier time.

As far as fighting Facebook's 5,000-friend limit, Rybak plans to continue his quest to get the company to change its ways.

"It's one thing to deny the mayor of Minneapolis, but I don't know too many people who can say no to Sven," Rybak laughed. "I hope Facebook can't."

So, now the question is: Who's going to create the "Let R.T. and Sven have more friends" group on Facebook?

Good question. Mike Haubrich maybe?

Stay tuned.


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