Physics, To A Dog (A poem)

To a dog, a balloon is a rock that floats.
To a dog, a lever is a perch for stoats.

To a dog, particle decay1 is not about nooks
To a dog, gravity is just another way to puke.

To a dog, a quantum is a kibble
To a dog, a quark is to nibble.

To a dog, where the yard ends begins the cosmos
To a dog, periodic tables2 iz a no-nos.

To a dog, dark matter is what cats must do
To a dog, string theory is for cats too.

To a dog, it is better to sleep
To a dog, don't tickle the heap.3

1Bone munching
2Do not take food off the table. Periodically.
3A veiled reference to "tickling the dragon's tail" during early A-bomb research. Dogs prefer if you tickle their stomach instead.

Why this poem?


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