Obama? Why are you ruining it for everybody?

Something terrible is happening. Pass it on.

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Tsk, tsk! You should know better than to spread YouTube videos that violate copyright. ;-)

A link to the original can be found at my blog. (I'm too lazy to go get it myself right now since I'm aleady multitasking.)

Why the fuck would all these celebrities agree to be in a video like this, serving this purpose, that was not intended for widespread distribution such as getting embedded in blog posts?

Will Farrel, you can kiss my ass!

OK, fixed. Funny or Die does not want the link through YouTube. I suppose that's reasonable since they are all evil.

Nothing says take me seriously more than a gaggle of liberal Hollywood millionaires telling me I am not doing my part to pay for the uninsured:

Truly fine comedy is the ability to subtly poke fun at a larger truth, not take a ham handed swipe at an easy target. But considering that Obama has bought off the pharmaceutical industry and all those greedy executives, perhaps Ferrell has struck comedic gold.

Who would have figured that this group would be capable of such nuanced political satire.

Mike H, you have a very narrow view of comedy.