Trick circus bear kills one trainer, wounds another

A Russian circus troupe were rehearsing for a performance in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, when the incident happened.

Workers had to drag the bear away during the attack, according to the director of the arena, Kurmangazy Isanayev.

The exits were closed off as staff waited for the emergency services.

Police shot the bear dead at the scene.

Russia has no animal cruelty laws that pertain to circuses.

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Russia has no laws, period. Police can do anything to you there, including murder.

Was the trainer mocking a bald man? (See 2 Kings 2:23-34)

As a former animal shelter worker, I know that animal cruelty is terrible and that this whole story is sad. That being said, there's something about hearing that a guy was killed by an ice skating bear that's just kind of funny.

You chuckled too. You know you did.

By Troublesome Frog (not verified) on 02 Nov 2009 #permalink

Are you kidding? I'm still laughing! I never shed a tear, to be honest, when a circus animal kills the circus trainer.

They should not put the animals down, though. Also its sad when an abused elephant stomps a bunch of otherwise innocent clowns to death.