Islamic Creationism in the News

From the NCSE:

The phenomenon of Islamic creationism was addressed by two major newspapers, The New York Times (November 3, 2009) and the Boston Globe (October 25, 2009), in the wake of a recent conference at Hampshire College on evolution in the Muslim world. (Webcasts of the conference presentations will be available on-line by November 15, 2009, according to the conference website.)

The Globe's article began arrestingly, with the news that the Arabic-language version of Al Jazeera's website -- a major news source in the Middle East -- triumphantly misdescribed the recently described early hominid Ardipithecus ramidus as "evidence that Darwin's theory of evolution was wrong." "'Ardi Refutes Darwin's Theory,' Al Jazeera announced in an Oct. 3 article."

"It's hard to say exactly how much support the theory of evolution enjoys in the world's Muslim countries, but it's definitely not very much," the Globe noted. The Times added, "The degree of acceptance of evolution varies among Islamic countries," citing Pakistan as a country where evolution is covered in high school biology texts, with the aid of Qu'ranic verses.

In Turkey, however, "the teaching of evolution has largely disappeared, at least below the university level, and the science curriculum in public schools is written in deference to religious beliefs," the Times reported. Both articles attributed the disappearance of evolution in Turkish schools to the activities of Adnan Oktar -- widely known by his pseudonym, Harun Yahya.

"Oktar's work is easy to lampoon," the Globe commented, but added, "Oktar's main concern -- that evolution is the tool of atheists bent on destroying Islam -- does resonate there and in other Muslim countries." Moreover, "in the West, where non-Islamic influences are strongest, Islamic creationism may be stronger in reaction to the outside pressure," according to the Times.

Islamic creationists "do not quarrel with astronomers and geologists," the Times explained, "just biologists, insisting that life is the creation of God, not the happenstance consequence of random occurrences." Both articles also reported that, like their Christian counterparts, Islamic creationists take especial issue with the idea of human evolution in particular.

"[T]he fact that there is a creationist debate at all can be seen as a sort of progress," the Globe observed. "In the most conservative parts of the Muslim world, creationism isn't a political or philosophical force because it doesn't need to be -- there aren't enough people who believe in evolution, or have even been exposed to it, to require a counter-doctrine."

For the stories in the Times and the Globe, visit: this and this.

Information about the Hampshire conference.

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I mentioned before that Richard Dawkins' site was banned in Turkey, by the legal actions of Harun Yahya/Adnan Oktar, the Muslim creationist. Now you can learn a little more: a spokesperson for Turkish creationism called up the editors of the New Humanist to explain their side of the story. As you…
Well, not really. He just wants to sell some books there. But don't tell that to the editors at The Times. None of Professor Dawkins' books, on evolution as well as religion, has ever been translated into Arabic, and his work has been heavily censored in Turkey. In an interview with The Times, he…

Thanks for this post, Greg. The real question is, where do these people find all the money to fund this nonsense propaganda? Oktar's books are distributed all over not only in Turkey for free, but also internationally and for all levels. I know for the fact that his books are a part of biology curriculum in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. I am convinced that the current Islam-biased Turkish government is supporting Oktar. Remember this:

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You da man, Dan.

Regarding the financing of Adnan Oktar, whenever I see "finance" and "muslim fundamentalist" in the same paragraph, the term "Saudi sheikh" hops to mind. I don't know why.

A group here at McGill's been doing a major study on attitudes of teachers and students in the 'Islamic world' towards evolution. Here's a list of abstracts from their conference back in March.

@Dan: Best. Troll. Ever.

By Endless, Nameless (not verified) on 10 Nov 2009 #permalink

@Draken: Well.. makes sense, those guys have shit loads of money. Interesting theory..(sigh) who knows where Oktar & Co are funded from.. There must be a reason that they keep it a mystery though. Why not just say it? Why keep it a secret?

As far as I remember from an article about Oktar, the funding from the books can from the sale of the books themselves.The publishing company compensates as Harun Yahya does not take an royalty the money coming from there can be directed to book distribution.It's not a big deal when you go into maths of the matter since publishing costs in Turkey are actuallt very very low compared to EU or US...SO the question of where does the money come from can be answered like that. But there will always be some insisting on conspiracy theories like some outside force or group are actullay behind all this. This can only be a joke.

The allegations that the current Turkis government is supporting the actions of Harun Yahya is also not true. As some may know that there is actually a trial going on for Oktar and the Science Research Foundation for they allegedly being like a crime organisation.If the current government were holding sides of any sort on Oktar'a behalf, this trial would have ended in the 7 years time since the governmek is in force...So that's not true also.

I appreciate the work of Oktar. He actually proves the non existence of evolution with hard solid facts and fossils, something the evolutionists just cannot do since they have no transitional forms found in like 150 years...

miranda, that's one of the funnier comments I've read on here. Anyone who knows anyone in academia knows that the publication of the books is supported by sales of the books only in so far as Oktar buys these things up by the truckload and ships them off to colleges and universities. Professors in all the sciences have copies that they never asked for and have no idea what to do with. (Yes, atheists, if you want a copy, ask a friend at a university if you can solve a problem for them.)

As for the rest of what you say, well, you just keep telling yourself that.

What is a "transitional fossil?"

Have you seen how Rabbi Menachem Froman hugs Adnan Oktar?

Miranda (well, if that's your really name), I think Stephanie summarized your arguments well enough with the word "funny". I can not recall Adnan Oktar selling a book, can you? To my knowledge all his books are given away for "free". Good, because that's actually what bullshit costs.

(Sorry for the typo. I meant "real" name)