Happy Birthday the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

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Some day, I'll go for the lighting of Split Rock Lighthouse on this night. People say it's quite a solemn affair.

Romeo: That is the whole point. Everybody must have this song stored away so it can get stuck in your head every time someone mentions Lake Superior, iron ore, or a big boat.

I'm just doin' my job passing on the meme. Interestingly, I just found out that my wife did not know what the Edmund Fitzgerald was, nor had she heard the song.

She has now. My work here is done.

Greg. Your an asshole. Since you've ruined Lake Superior for me, I'm going to ruin Halloween for you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmG80v473AI

I actually love this song and video now. I can't stop watching it. I dare you to hold this up to your wife's belly and give the baby a listen. Tim Curry double dog dares you.

And what, exactly, is wrong with having that (or just about any other) Gordon Lightfoot song stuck in one's head?

(And some years later, Edmund Fitzgerald's son, also named Edmund Fitzgerald captained a Canadian high-tech company for a while. Nortel grew respectably with Fitzgerald at the helm, but his successors drove it into the rocks through a combination of dishonesty, mismanagement and greed. Bitter? Me?)