More violent christian rhetoric from Michele Bachmann and cronies

A controversial ministry that says it preaches Christian doctrine in public schools held a fundraiser in Bloomington Thursday night, drawing a crowd of about 400. At its "Appeal to Heaven" fundraiser, You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International offered attendees a preview of its new documentary, a greeting by Rep. Michele Bachmann and a fiery sermon by founder Bradlee Dean, who called liberals "criminals" and urged attendees to fight a "war" for the faith against liberals.

The almost exclusively white crowd had assembled at the Sheraton ballroom in Bloomington to raise funds for the ministry and its outreach to public high schools across the Midwest, a practice that some civil liberties groups say violates the Constitution's principle of separation of church and state.

... Attendees also got a glimpse at the group's documentary film called "My War," which chastises America's educational system for not teaching from a "Judeo-Christian" perspective and rails against atheism. ...

...The highlight of the night was a lengthy sermon by Bradlee Dean calling for Christians to pick up arms against secular government...

"We are not a land of liberals. We hear this all the time. Why don't you just call them for what they are? Criminals...."

They raised about $20,000. Details here at the MInnesota Independent.

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Dean: IANAL but I think it only becomes a crime once the violence happens, and then only if a direct link can be made between specific words and the specific act.

Basically, saying there should be "a war" against a broad group or ideology is allowed because it's vague enough, whereas saying for example "you should kill X" might be specific enough to get a prosecution. The incitement has to be pretty direct, with at least a good likelihood that someone will follow through.

Where is the 'Minnesota nice' that I saw in the film Fargo?

Rob Jase, that's not 'Minnesota nice', that's 'fundamentalist stupid'.

By Katharine (not verified) on 15 Nov 2009 #permalink

"You can run but you can not hide"! Sounds like a threat. Do people really enrole voluntarily into an organisation with such a name?

By Christophe Thill (not verified) on 15 Nov 2009 #permalink

I don't know what's worse, the fact that people like Bachman exist, or the fact that other people give them money...

Does anyone know if that film of theirs on the internet somewhere. I'd like to see it.

...Attendees also got a glimpse at the group's documentary film called "My War,"...

I suspect it lost something in translation from the original German.

By phantomreader42 (not verified) on 16 Nov 2009 #permalink

An oby/gyn who does your current president?

There is a church group here reporting to a website any business vehicle which buys coffee at a certain 'scantily clad' drive up coffee stand. In a similar vein, I wonder if someone could make a video of these religious crazies when they meet, if so, please send it to the FBI.

You can see more of Bradlee Dean's rantings at his website or you can listen on Saturday's on "The Fascist" oops "The Patriot" radio station otherwise known as WWTC am 1280 from 3-6. He used to be on KKMS am 980, but has moved to the other station for reasons beyond my understanding. Dean's rantings are sometimes indistinguishable from the blathering of drunks on street corners, and I don't mean to disrespect people who have problems by associating them with Dean. Of course some of you who suffer from common sense and intelligence should not listen, as we don't have the funds to bail you out.