Twin Cities Evolution Event

Let's go visit the Twin Cities Creation Science Science Fair at Har Mar Mall on Feb 13.

We'd meet up at the local bookstore cafe in the mall around 10:30 to 11 or so, visit the science fair exhibits and look around, then around 12:30 to 1:00 we'll have lunch.

There is a facebook event. (Check my facebook wall. If you are not my facebook friend, why not? If you are not a member of facebook, HELP GET ME OUT OF HERE.... but you can come anyway. Har Mar Mall. If you don't know what or where that is then you are probably not from the Twin Cities. But if you are from the twin cities and want info, email me. Briefly, Har Mar Mall is across from T-1 (the first Target Store ever) on County Road B, east of Snelling, in Roseville. Take 34W and/or 36 to vicinity. Not far from Rosedale.

Needless to say all visitors to Har Mar Mall are expected to act in a civil and respectful manner. These posters are done by kids who are easily disturbed so be kind and nice if you see any of them. Don't tell the creationists we're coming because they'll cancel the event or set out big dogs or something.

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I'll be sure to warn them that you are coming. I'll make even more sure that members of my group wear T-shirts that make fun of darwinists on these science blogs sites. If you see any exhibits that mention fornication evolution, I take all the credit.

By Evolution Deniar (not verified) on 02 Feb 2010 #permalink

I also expect all commenters on this blog post to be respectful.

Sweet, but you didnt specify where or when....

Thanks, but even if I lived right next to the Har-Har Mall, I could not attend; I get all verklempt at the obvious signs of child abuse evidenced by the creo's. I would not be able to stand by silently as the poor kids tried to turn fantasy into science.

I wish I could come, but that is rather a ways to travel. I especially wish I could bring eldest, as he has a fondness for arguing and a firm, though basic, understanding of evolution. That I am aware of, he had his first argument with a creationist (his best friend a the time) when he was five. He had the skeletal structure of whales on his side, his best friend had the bible and his parents. In the end eldest still accepted evolution, his best friend had to have a long talk with his folks who were subsequently less enthused when best friend was visiting us.

And believe me, he is very polite when he argues - and now that he is older, less inclined to do his Afarensis impression (learned from the BBC's Walking With Cavemen). That, and now that he is older he also has a better understanding of the geological history of our planet.

This is not to say that I just inundate my child with arguments against theistic dogma. He is just very fond of figuring out how the world works and why things are like they are. But horrible as it may sound, I would totally relish giving him the opportunity to hone his debating skills, by cutting him loose on a creation science fair event...

I do hope that everyone who goes is polite to the kids though - it is not their fault...

According to The Google, this post is the only place on the Internet with the string "fornication evolution". I don't know what it is, but I guess I'm all for it.

Now...time to make sure my Minnesota Atheist shirt is clean.

We've gone to this event several times over the years, and to be painfully fair, most of the exhibits have nothing whatever to do with creation or evolution, and some even have displayed a remarkably clear understanding of the scientific method (which is all the more poignant since by their participation in this sham they tracitly repudiate the fruits of that method). But all booths or posters have the obligatory Bible verse attached to them...often the verse is only distantly related to whatever topic the child has taken on, restulting is a sort of jarring pathos. If you do go, please keep very firmly in mind that you are not likely to find the enemies here--you will find the victims. Including any parents or adults you might see around. These are seldom the people who have perpetrated this massive fraud, and even if they do find comfort in the shelter of their ignorance, if there were not so many well-placed people eager to play on their vulnerabilities, it is unlikely these folks would be so deluded. I'm not saying to treat any grown-up as a dim-witted child--that's patronizing and insulting. Just remember that while they are mistaken, and sometimes complicit in their own ignorance, they are much more deserving of sympathy than scorn.

By Greg Peterson (not verified) on 04 Feb 2010 #permalink

As I put it to a friend of a friend who wanted to know what we'd do there: With the kids? Talk about the science and ignore the religion. Afterward? Pizza, beer, and possibly banging our heads on the tables.

Yup, they have snakes. USED to have baby alligators, which is just about as irresponsible as animal marketing gets--with the possible exception of anacondas. And for beer and pizza, there's a nice Old Chicago right there. For a change from beer, might I recommend the pear cider they have on tap? Nothing like a fruity buzz to wash the bitter taste of psuedoscience out of one's throat and brain.

By Greg Peterson (not verified) on 04 Feb 2010 #permalink