Mishugina Michigan Militias on the Move?

Over the last couple of days, FBI agents have staged a number of raids in Michigan and arrested members of Hutaree, a Christian militia group based there. The Christian Soldiers have been preparing to do battle with "The AntiChrist." which we suspect either the Democratic Party, the Health Care Bill, or Barack Obama himself. Local Militias (Michigan is famous for it's radical Militia groups) claim that they have nothing to do with this "cult."

One story is here, and additional reporting here. The latter source points to a reported sequence of internet chat room chatter that is somewhat disturbing (Koernke is a militia-symp):

mark_Koernke_ I just left a shouting match about 20 minutes ago with a little over a hundred militiamen who are on the move right now. The arguement was over not if but rather where to hit them. Trying to calm them down was useless and they are not going to let this lie. They will identify the straglers or pickets first and wipe them out. By what the radiio crew said the recon teams have all of the hiddy holes

[04:14] mark_Koernke_ ...IDed for those they moved in and the group is infiltrating to site as we speak. I hope the locals are smart enough to step out of the way.

[04:16] mark_Koernke_ this is interesting for we may have live vids from the epicanter as it developes.

[04:16] mark_Koernke_ ...epicenter...

[04:34] mark_Koernke_ sorry about that , just got off one of our back up phones with another militia unit commander. His first comment was "Well Mark, I guess that we aren't going to chirch this morning."

[04:35] mark_Koernke_ He then told me that as he was packing up his LBE and weapons into the armored truck he has that he asked his wife to bring the congregation together to say a prayer for the militia that may be going to war this sunday."

[04:37] mark_Koernke_ His wife was crying in the background(I could hear her) and he said he had kissed his children good by and was now going out the door. He is a two war vet and young. He has killed many times before and she knows his moods

[04:39] mark_Koernke_ she is a good woman with two young sons. they are all supportive of the militia.

[04:40] mark_Koernke_ By what I understand the unit commander on the ground and the coordinator is the 4th RCT CMM second company commander. Good man and level headed.

Stay tuned, I guess.

HT: Ana

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You have to check out the Hutaree forums. Looks like they have better things to do than monitor comments. I don't want to link, so do a search.

Wow, I had no idea painting intellectual and political opponents as the enemy who wants to take everything you have could lead to paranoia and violence.

Unfortunately, this will be seen by those people as the oppressive government silencing the dissent of patriots. Any bets on whether Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, or Ann Coulter will be the first to weigh in?

I'm not sure what's worse, their theocracy or their web design.

By Rich Wilson (not verified) on 29 Mar 2010 #permalink

Well I own plenty of guns and survival tools, but have never been involved in an organization like this. The Hutaree must have never read the book of Revelation. It clearly indicates that we Christians will have been raptured and not be present when the anti-Christ is in reign. As far as these militia men wanting to fight alongside Jesus and his army of immortal angels when the final battle happens, we'll have to wait and see. I myself have prayed to be a warrior in that battle. I myself have prayed to be trained to be a fearless merciless unstoppable immortal soldier of God when He sends His army to slay evil and put the lost mones and demons in their fiery pit.

This may not be as uncommon as one may think. Demons are real and have real influence on our daily lives. I remember my Sunday School teacher tellin me a story of a preacher who felt an unusually evil presence around him on more than one occassion. He prayed for his eyes to be open to this presence and there in the corner sat this sad pathetic little being. This little twerp was the culprit of his troubles and temptations. He ordered this ugly thing to leave in the name of Jesus Christ and it left.

I have never had an experience like that before, but I felt the presence of beings before. I am not sure if they were spirits, angels, or demons. I got scared and asked them to leave me alone. The feeling left soon after.

Back to the militias. Militias are not illegal according to the constitution. The second Amendment mentions militias, but it moslty talks about state controlled militias. The Mississippi Militia is registered with the state and has law enforcement/former military members. They moslty teach first aid, CPR, basic wilderness survival, etc. Nothing really dangerous.

This Hutaree militia failed to read their Bible. I admire their willingness to wish to destroy evil. All of us should wishto fight alongside Chrst and His vast army against the forces of evil when He comes again. However, killing police officers in an atempt to overthrow a government that was founded on Christian principles is not the way to go about changing things. Prayer, fasting, and letting God deal with the evil ones in control is a better method. Their methods of violence is not accpetable. Promoting violence is not the answer.

By Sasquatch Seeker (not verified) on 29 Mar 2010 #permalink

Am reminded the meek shall inherit the earth, after everyone else is done with it.

Am also reminded that socks were initially designed to be worn on the foot.

By Bill James (not verified) on 29 Mar 2010 #permalink

"However, killing police officers in an atempt to overthrow a government that was founded on Christian principles is not the way to go about changing things. "

So,from which part of the Bible does Freedom of Speech come?

"So,from which part of the Bible does Freedom of Speech come?"


All of it.
Porn is not free speech it is sin. There is a difference.

Define "free speech".

By Sasquatch Seeker (not verified) on 30 Mar 2010 #permalink